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GPS vehicle Tracking solution

GPS vehicle Tracking solution coupled with Temperature sensor, RFID card and RFID reader, Biometric Access control, Door Sensor etc. allows users solve their attendance and measure inside vehicle cabin ambience. GPS vehicle tracking system company integrates all the required sensors in the GPS tracking device thereby providing advanced solutions.

Speed Governer

This Speed Limiter is based on the Fuel management system that used to control the speed of the vehicle by virtue of the quantity of fuel. It consists of Speed Sensor, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and Solenoid Valve. It is installed in between the fuel pump & fuel filter. ECU can be programmed at any set speed.


cctv installation coming soon


We got you covered when in need of professional installations of speed governors, trackers, car alarms, batteries and servicing of the same at a little or no extra cost.We take pride in offering prompt and reliable customer service to all our clients for many years.We offer assistance related to all our products. Irnss vehicle tracking system ,Gov. Approved Ais140 GPS ,Ais 140 GPS companies Motor vehicle department approved GPS,Kerala govt approved GPS,GPS dealers ,GPS , Vehicle tracking system, GPS


Brand names : volty transync
warranty:1 year, 2 year

Speed governor

Brand name - Pricol. Tedi.
Auto grade. craysol . Msg. micro autotech. mercyda
Warranty -1 year

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